Was Kangana Ranaut’s “Padma Shri” a “bheekh”, a prize or a reward?


Kangana Ranaut-Ji (have you noticed that I can’t forget that little expression of respect, Ji, although you are 20 years younger than me), I repeat, Kangana Ranaut-Ji, the very reason why even after receiving the country’s highest civil honor award, you can spit venom on thousands of freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for all of us, is that this man, Dr Ambedkar, has you guaranteed freedom of speech and expression. It is the strength of the Constitution of India that allows you today to spit nonsense and get away with it while keeping the Padma Shri. You might want to know that the Padma Awards were instituted in 1954, just seven years after my independence and 60 years before yours.

It is your ‘bheekh’ Kangana Ranaut-Ji and the moral courage, magnanimity and principle of non-violence of our heroes of 1947 that they allow you to use foul language against them and get away with it. The Padma Shri is your “bheekh” also because the prize and your arrogance do not come from the body of your work as an artist, but from the largesse granted to you by political dispensations for their own interests.

Dear Kangana, make no mistake, the civil honor you have outside of your turn is your “bheekh”, not a hard-earned reward for the filth you spread. You will find out one day when it is too late.

Best wishes

Darshan desai

(The author is editor, Development News Network (DNN), Gujarat. Opinions are personal


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