Sudbury Faith: Investing in the Poor and Needy Is Its Own Reward


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If you happened to have retirement savings or other funds invested in the stock market that you follow closely, you would have noticed that the last 20 months have been a wild ride. Stock markets crashed in March 2020 as if people thought we were nearing the end of the world and then rebounded surprisingly quickly as people started to realize we weren’t near the end of the world after all. .

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In the months following the Covid crash, the TSX and Dow Jones not only recovered from the crash, but they climbed much higher than they had been before. Those who sold some investments when the markets collapsed, fearing the crash might get worse, now blame themselves.

On the other hand, those who invested more during the crash, hoping for a quick recovery, are now happy to have done so. And that’s just thinking of the general TSX and the Dow Jones. Much more could be said about wild rides by looking at specific stocks like Zoom or Gamestop, or investments like Bitcoin, which depending on when people bought or sold could be very profitable or could have been quite the opposite. .

While the general stock market has been trending upward overall for the past 100 years and will likely continue to do so, there are also plenty of downtime, fixes, and crashes, which means it doesn’t. there really are no guarantees when it comes to investing in the stock market.

But there is an investment recommendation that I have for you that comes with a guarantee. And the guarantee is 100% because it comes from Jesus Christ himself.

Jesus says in Matthew 6: 3-4 that when you give in secret to the poor and needy, “Your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”

Giving so that others see you, praise you, and pat you on the back is not rewarded by God. But secretly give the fact.

The reward may not be given in this life, but rather in eternity. But that’s actually a good thing because this life is short compared to eternity, so the eternal rewards are better than the rewards in this life.

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This does not mean that giving to the poor and needy gives you eternal life in Heaven – certainly not. The Bible repeatedly teaches that eternal life in heaven comes from faith in Jesus Christ, trusting that he died on the cross to pay for your sins.

Good deeds such as helping the poor cannot obtain forgiveness of your sins – only faith in Jesus can. But once you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ, helping the poor leads to being rewarded by God the Father. It is a guarantee.

Investing for retirement in the future can be good and wise, but there is no guarantee of stocks or bitcoin. But there is a guarantee that investing in the Kingdom of God by helping the poor and needy will be rewarded by God Himself.

Later in Matthew 6:20, Jesus said that giving to the Kingdom of God, including helping the poor, is like hoarding up treasures in heaven.

The people of Greater Sudbury are known to be very generous, helping those in need in a number of ways including through the Pregnancy Care Center and Infant Food Bank, Sudbury Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Samaritan Center Рwhich includes Elgin Street Mission, Blue Door Caf̩ and The Corner Clinic, and many more, I cannot list them all.

May we continue to be generous in the future, with our time and money, to help those who are suffering, who are homeless and who are hungry. And if you haven’t yet heard of a new initiative in Sudbury that offers long-term solutions to homelessness, be sure to check out Raising The Roof ( as they’ve made their mark. evidence in other cities and it’s great that they just started in Sudbury this fall because the more people and initiatives to help the poor the better.

God cares deeply about the poor and when we invest time and money to help them, there is a guaranteed reward – first, the reward of feeling good doing good, and also, for those who have faith. in Jesus, another reward directly from God according to what Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 6: 4.

The best investment we can make, therefore, is to invest in helping the poor and needy.

Reverend Mark Smith is Senior Pastor at Lansing Avenue Baptist Chapel in New Sudbury


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