Rank Wizards Brings Bangladeshi Perspective to Investable Digital Assets


While the industry of content-based digital assets is not new, the growth and popularity of niche content publications has exploded during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Bringing a Bangladeshi perspective to this digital asset market, the team at Rank Wizards LLC, a Bangladeshi start-up, spoke to UNB about their journey and the enormous potential of this global investment market.

Throughout its journey over the period, the company has grown into a dynamic startup focusing on a number of clients around the world, specializing in the development and management of niche affiliate blogs.

Today, the 5-year-old bootstrapped startup is slowly making its way into the multi-billion dollar niche blogging industry, with the goal of becoming a media giant while creating secure investment opportunities for micro-businesses. investors.

Saleh Ahmed, while studying at Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), founded Rank Wizards in 2016 as a service-based startup agency with a group of engineers at its head , focusing primarily on SEO, content and growing consulting services for bloggers and businesses.

“The plan was to stay afloat in serving customers until we came up with a bulletproof strategy to develop our own assets,” Saleh Ahmed told UNB, describing the mission and vision of Rank Wizards LLC .

Much like other self-funded startups, Rank Wizards had gone through quite a rough time. Against all expectations, they managed to serve over 400 clients with 92% recurrence within the first 4 years of operation.

They have also developed their own portfolio of niche websites and now own 27 websites that are expected to be worth $ 300,000 by the third quarter of 2022.

“We have a number of strategic advantages that generate better ROI and faster organic growth than our competitors,” said Sadman Rahi, Head of Brand Development at Rank Wizards LLC.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world to reimagine the world of digital media while placing more emphasis on online businesses and digital assets, Rank Wizard LLC has reached new heights of growth.

“In 5 years, we have gone from a team of 2 to 62! Surprisingly, the peak of this growth occurred during the recent pandemic, ”Saleh told UNB.

According to him, remote working being popular in 2020 has helped them grow the team without disturbing the team spirit. They still stick to this hybrid way of working of remote and in-house employee operations.

The concept is to develop blogs with informative content rich in value and to use SEO as the main channel for growth, which is 100% organic. The revenue is generated by display ads, affiliate programs, etc., while the cost is in creating good content, optimizing it, and maintaining the website.

“The funny thing is that 95% of our readers are from the US, UK, Australia and Canada. And most of us weren’t even raised in these countries! Sadman Rahi said while checking their analytical data.

Internationally, there are media giants like Dot Dash, Hearst Publications, etc. who channel their mass exposure into conscious purchases. And there are holding companies like Onfolio, Domain Magnate, etc. who have transformed this model into investment opportunities for non-institutional investors. However, such an approach has not yet been observed in Bangladesh.

“There are hundreds, if not thousands of people in the country who are creating content-based digital assets and making good fortune out of them. But it goes beyond “another passive income system” for Rank Wizards, ”says Abu Yousuf Shihab, creative director of Rank Wizards LLC.

Over the next two years, the startup plans to harvest its first network of assets, then reinvest in expanding its territory of assets.

The next plan is to acquire and maintain other forms of digital assets like SaaS, software products, courses, web tools, etc.

In 5 to 7 years, they see themselves as a hub of three entities: the consumers of their content, the companies that will be promoted on the platforms and the investors who will receive shares and dividends from their investments after these assets.

“Technically there is no limit to the size of the industry, which is definitely a good thing for us,” Saleh told UNB.


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